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Join Hofstra Computer Science Club
Game night (10/12) in Adams 204 and first club meeting ... |more|
Meet Julian Builes, a Senior Computer Science Major
Learn more about Entrepreneurship in Computing and the rewarding experiences it offers... |more|
Prof. Ammari Received NSF Career Award
Dr. Ammari has been awarded a five-year, $450,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to continue his research of wireless sensor networks... |more|
Lukasz Bator Won Prize at Feb 25-27 Imagine Cup Game Camp
Lukasz Bator describes the architecture of his game engine that simulates gravity ... |more|
CLIC and OLIC Programs Featured in Newsday
Hofstra students, faculty, and alumni (J. LeWitt, L. Famiglietti, Dr. S. Doboli, Dr. E. Currie, M. Seiman, C. Hickman et al.) featured in Newsday for their efforts in entrepreneurship. |more|
2009 ACM Programming Contest
On Sunday, October 18th, The annual ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) International Collegiate Programming Competition for the Greater New York Region was held at Hofstra University. |more|
Prof. Ammari Received NSF Grant
This project designs, analyzes, and implements a k-Cover-Sense-Inform (k-CSI) framework for heterogeneous and mission-oriented mobile wireless sensor networks, where connected k-coverage, scheduling, and data forwarding are jointly considered... |more|
Prof. Doboli Received NSF Grant
The project plans to develop a cognitive model that helps understand, emulate and enhance creativity in conceptual electronic circuit design... |more|
Prof. Kamberova Received NSF Grant
This project will acquire a state-of-the-art, custom sensor suite, the 3D Content Digitization Suite (3DCDS), to support research and performance evaluation of computer vision and robotics algorithms ... |more|
Prof. Ostheimer Holds Brooklyn Computer Camp
The free computer camp ran June 29 through July 3, from 1-4 p.m. at the Sheep Station. Hofstra students traveled to Brooklyn to mentor the neighborhood kids. |more|
Prof. Fu Received NSF Grant
Dr. Xiang Fu serves as the lead PI of three collaborative NSF-CCLI grants on developing an automated project grading system called APOGEE. |more|
Prof. Doboli Featured in Hofstra Horizon
This research is about understanding brainstorming and creativity through behavioral experiments and neural models. |more|
Prof. Kamberova Featured in Hofstra Horizon
People see shapes, computer computesshapes. This research is about development of algorithms that recover, detect, model, and measure 3D objects and shapes. |more|
Entrepreneurship in Computing
Learn to succeed in the business of computers. Gain technical, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills for computing graduates. Check out EXCE2L Website. |more|
National CS/CE Enrollment On the Rise
"The national new enrollment in North American computer science and engineering programs rose 8%..." reported by USA Today and Computing Research Association. |more|
289k Grant from National Science Foundation
Drs. Doboli, Impagliazzo, and Kamberova received 289k grant from National Science Foundation... |more|
CS Seminar Wednesday 11/16/2011
"Human Decision and Assessment biases to justify a formal group decision process" by Dr. Justus Riek |more|
EPA Funding Opportunity and Competition!
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is announcing a unique grant opportunity EPA P3. Through this hands-on design competition, student teams and their faculty advisors receive $15,000 grants to design scientific, technical, and policy solutions to sustainability challenges around the world. |more|
ClearVision Recruiting
Fall 2011 internship program ... |more|
Nassau County Office of Emergency
Spring 2012 internship program ... |more|
Fulltime Positions Available at Anheuser-Busch, CarrerDirection and More ...
Check out more details here |more|
New Certificate in Security and Privacy in Health Information Systems Now Available!
Broaden your career opportunities. Safeguard medical information systems ... |more|
New Entrepreneurship Concentration!
Interested in launching your own start-up? Begin with our senior design class and seminar! Check out details from the entrepreneurship program site... |more|
CS Blog
Stay tuned for tips, tricks, and observations from the Computer Science Faculty@Hofstra University. |more|
MSDNAA Downloads
CS/CE Majors: you are entitled to hundreds of MSDNAA software tools such as Visual Studio... |more|
Online Graduate Program
Distance Learning (DL) graduate program available. Complete your graduate degree completely in class, online, or hybrid... |more|