Computer Science Department Seminar

11:30AM-12:30PM, Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dr. Justus Riek

Title: Human Decision and Assessment biases to justify a formal group decision process

Abstract: Research over the past 50 years has demonstrated that humans are often afflicted by information assessment and decision making biases. We will review some of the practical results of this fascinating research and then use the results to argue for a formal group decision process in support of important organizational decisions. A number of interesting and useful bias-related repercussions will be discussed along with the high-level description of a group decision process that could be easily implemented at Hofstra University. Bio: Dr. Justus Riek is an Adjunct Associate Professor in Computer Science at Hofstra. He received PhD in Computer Science from Syracuse University and has spent the last 35 years working primarily for large aerospace companies in the areas of R&D and advanced technology. While working at a division of General Dynamics, he introduced the use of tool-supported group decision techniques into the corporation. The process was used to evaluate alternative engineering designs and to support the corporate IT Department in making funding decisions for over 500 internal projects.