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Job Title: Interim CTO Internship/Co-op with Consumer Software Tool Start-up
Posted by Company: Size Wand
Address: New York/virtual, NY, 11803
Contact: Melissa Adelman at
Pay Rate: 0 to 0 $/hr


We are looking for a talented, driven, and creative developer, preferably with experience building embeddable widgets for third-party sites. You must be well-versed in agile development methodologies and able to deliver high-quality, modular code with speed and precision. You must be comfortable working with the entire application stack, from back-end database to user interface implementation.

Our company’s product, Size Wand, is a clothing sizing tool that will be used to help shoppers easily find their size when purchasing clothing online. The tool can be fully integrated into a retailer's site such that the shopper receives a recommended size in an apparel item he or she wishes to purchase. On a basic level, it works like a currency converter for brands. Behind the scenes, the tool aggregates well-fitting clothing in its database with proprietary algorithms to provide size recommendations to the user. The result for the retailer is improved browse-to-buy conversion and decreased returns due to incorrect size. Note that our patented system does not require any measurements from the shopper or retailer/manufacturer, which makes it unique and superior to other solutions.

We offer an exciting, dynamic, and challenging experience. This is an opportunity to work with the core development team and have an impact on product design/direction, software architecture, and implementation. We have a beta tool and a lot of interest from shoppers, retailers, investors, and the media. The internship has the potential to lead to a full-time position, based on mutual interest, since we are looking for a talented CTO to join our company as we prepare to bring our product to market.

Required Skills:
• Strong experience with LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) and with algorithms
• Professional web development experience
• Expertise in delivering high-quality, modular code with speed and precision
• Solid HTML skills
• Creativity and an eye for design are a plus
• Self-motivated with strong communication skills
• Must have strong work ethic and desire to gain hands-on entrepreneurial experience (may be asked to participate in investor or retailer presentations)
• Basic understanding of statistics is a plus

In your response, please include:
• Links and/or descriptions of relevant projects you worked on
• Description of your experience in the above-stated areas
• Resume

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