Department of Computer Science


Job Title: SMS-based Emergency Response
Posted by Company: Trek Medics International
Address:,Riverside, CT, 06878
Contact: Jason Friesen at or (858)204-3332 / +011(509)3826-0077

Pay Rate: 25 to 40 $/hr


Trek Medics is developing a client/server application that can accept and route SMS messages between individuals. The application ideally will also be able to maintain a queue of individuals that can choose to opt-in/out to receive messages depending on when they are on call.

This application will be managed from a remote location with a lightweight administration interface to accept and parse incoming SMS messages (reporting party) and in turn route them to a responding party that is within a given proximity. Proximity will initially be determined statically but will eventually leverage the ability to determine location based on triangulation data. The application will also have the capability of accepting additional information from the reporting party and relay it to the responding part(y/ies) to facilitate rescue and treatment.

Required Skills:
We are seeking developers to create an application for an emergency telecommunications software that will meet the following criteria:

• J2EE client / server application
• Integration to FrontlineSMS
• Well-documented and written in English
• Object-oriented and utilizing commonly used design patterns (e.g. MVC) and leveraging interfaces between components
• UML depicting overall design and approach
• Robust logging capabilities that allow multi-level verbosity (e.g. log4j)
• Application to support multiple locales (il8n / l10n)
• Application configuration to be maintained outside of code (leveraging json/xml/properties files)
• Well-designed RDBMS data model utilizing strongly typed relationships
• Web-based front-end for administration in addition to SMS interface for client interaction
• Ability to operate stand-alone (without internet connectivity) with only a mobile phone to provide a connection to send/receive SMS messages