Department of Computer Science


Job Title: Marketing Coordinator
Posted by Company: Pioneer Industries Inc.
Address: Farmingdale, NY,
Contact: Melissa Feuer at
Pay Rate: 0 to 0 $/hr


Alpha4, DOS based application
We have 3 databases that are all tied together (dbf. files)
Currently utilizing a Windows Small Business Server
We need to take existing information from database and memo fields and put them in a user friendly, searchable program.
Must be accessible by smart phone and tablet
Must be secure
Various fields for Company names, contact info, address, city, state, map option.
Various drop down menus for information in different categories (i.e. business size)
Drag and drop Word & Excel files into program to save
Calendar to log calls/contact made with notes field
Time zone
Ability to print
Must still interact with Alpha4 (daily/weekly update)

Required Skills:
Ability to work independently to build a program.