Department of Computer Science


Job Title: summer intern or full time
Posted by Company: Robotfruit
Address: Westbury, NY,
Contact: Philip Caycedo at>\
Pay Rate: 0 to 0 $/hr


We are a tech start-up with a mission to proactively effect positive change by facilitating the market potential of individual and organizational brands through new media and mobile technology. As I'm sure you are aware, the proliferation of smartphones combined with the evolution of social media has caused a fundamental shift in the areas of branding, marketing, advertising, promotions, PR, and just strategic connectivity in general. As we continue to delve deeper into this rapidly advancing new media movement, our products and services are designed to level the playing field for small to medium size business and organizational communities, while helping build out the middle of the economy

Required Skills:
We are looking for full time interns or hires for summer and/or ongoing full time employment to code on the front end and back end. We are looking for programmers that are versed in any or all of the following languages:
- C, C++, Java, Perl, CGI, HTML, CSS, java_script, and LaTeX, Ruby
- Especially PHP, since the platform was built using the PHP framework Symfony.
- Those familiar with and have worked with iOS and mobile programming
- Those on the artificial intelligence track as we need to build powerful complex
algorithms to help run and optimize our system on a mass scale.

We will be offering a competitive salary based on knowledge and experience with a lot of room for growth. As well as benefits, perks, and the option to earn equity.