Department of Computer Science


Job Title: Mobile App developer for OS/Android
Posted by Company: Unknown
Address: Long Beach, NY, 11561
Contact: Kevin Mira at or 415 215 1336

Pay Rate: 0 to 0 $/hr


I would like a student to who has an interest in developing mobile apps that are compatible with Iphone and Android devices. I am non technical, so I am not sure how long/difficult making an app may be. But what I do know is that the app itself shouldnt be too complex. The product is the meat and potatoes and the asset.

I attended Hoftsra a couple years ago and know form experience this can actually work. If you are entrepreneurial, interested in building a great app and interested in startups then you should contact me. This app will be for students and has tremendous potential.

If interested contact me and we can discuss my idea and compensation. I'm reasonable, so this can be a good opportunity.


Required Skills:
Know how to make an app that is compatible with any device. Im not sure what programming language that may entail. So just have interest in that field and know how to build an app!