Department of Computer Science


Job Title: Software Intern
Posted by Company: Intersoft Associates, Inc.
Address:,Lynbrook, New York, 11563
Contact: Hy Goldstoff at
Pay Rate: 0 to 0 $/hr


Successful interns will be offered a full-time job on graduation from College.

In this position you will be working with a bright and energetic team of software professionals where your responsibilities will include:
• Develop and modify custom software for Fortune 500 companies.
• Work with senior developers to help design software requirements – including integration with other systems.
• Learn DBA activities in conjunction with your development.
• Reporting design and development
• Interaction with clients

Required Skills:
We are looking for bright candidates with the following credentials:

• Candidate for a College Degree in Computer Science - with a strong theoretical program.
• Strong object-oriented background.
• Experience with or knowledge of C#, PHP, JAVA or VB.NET.
• Knowledge of web-based tools including ASP.NET, Java, java_script, jQuery and AJAX.
• Knowledge of SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL or other dialects of SQL.
• Thorough understanding of architecture design and scalability.
• Work as an Individual as well as in a team environment
• Good communication skills.