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Contact: Susan Culkin at


Freelance opportunity: looking to build website with very basic content management requirements

Here's the highlights of the project:

Website for church (no association with this church or any other required). Content (images and text) will be provided.

* Primary Goals:

* To keep congregation informed of events including church services and concerts

* Welcome site for new/interested members to find out more information about church

* Secondary Goals:

* Introduce Vestry and Staff

* Promote Music Program

* Promote Charity Outreach

* Advertise Use of Parish Hall

High-Level Requirements

* Able to easily post news and site content updates

* Incorporate calendar web app (contract already in place for

* Quick uploads on home PCs (low bandwidth)

Target Users:

* Middle-aged, middle-income, familiar with web, uses web to collect information as a tool, not likely to spend a lot of time navigating between sites

* Older, loyal congregants not web-savvy; uncomfortable with hi-tech applications

Content Management System: Very basic, posting of news, sermons (posting recordings), service schedules for the holidays. For the photo gallery (under About Us), assuming flicker but doesn't have to be.

Modules/components that would need CMS are identified in the User Interface Specification.

User Interface Spec doc (wireframes with behaviors identified), site maps are done (well as done as those things ever are before launch :). Design (look & feel) concepts are done, but not set in stone (new/better ideas are welcome).

If you are interested, please reply with an e-mail or FTP and I will send the documents for your review.

Skills: web development with basic content management experience.