Opportunities at Harrison Leifer DiMarco

Contact: Mr. Frant Dinolfo at fdinolfo@hldnow.com

Internship Description:

Long Island based digital advertising agency is looking for a .Net Web Developer. This job will be geared towards you if you are fresh out of school, close to being done with school, or dont have a whole lot of official experience in programming.

We are generally looking for candidates who have a programming-related degree (computer science, etc.), but we wont hold it against you if you dont have one. That being said

Official Job Requirements: You really, really seriously enjoy coding

In particular. You are able to take ownership of a project and meet deadlines. You are open to doing things outside of writing code on occasion (i.e., tech support). You are professional, disciplined, focused, but able and willing to have fun at work. You have a track record of doing exceptionally well at whatever it is youve done in the past.

Youll Stand Out More If You Have played around with or used .NET, Php, HTML, Ruby on Rails, and CSS. Read programming blogs and/or books (impress us more by guessing some of our favorites). Experience with Adoobe Photoshop and other creative suite software Have your own blog and post about coding-related things. Have created cool programming projects outside of work and school.

Salary: 35k-45k depending on experience.