EO Design/ Job Opportunities

Contact: resume@eodesigngroup.com


EO Design Group, a Graphic and Web Design company, based in New York, is looking for a part-time, Beginner Web Programmer who is looking for a new career opportunity where they can learn and grow with us. As time progresses, this position may evolve into a full-time job, which would include all associated benefits (ex. vacation, full medical, dental and vision insurance, etc).

In order to apply for this position, you must have basic working knowledge of ASP or ASP.NET. A working knowledge of SQL, JavaScript, PHP and/or FTP Protocol is plus, but not required. Design knowledge is not required, since we have in-house Graphic Designers, but it's also a plus.

If you are hired, we will teach you the following languages: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JavaScript, as well as SQL database design and implementation.

You must be self-sufficient, proactive, professional and have the desire to learn. You must have an open mind and be willing to receive, as well as give constructive criticism.

Because our industry is based around the web and doesn't require a physical location, this is a tele-commuting position. This position has flexible hours. but will require at least 20/hrs of work a week, with a preliminary work schedule to be defined during the interview process.

Salary will be based on your knowledge and skills. College students are welcomed.

To apply, please submit a resume in DOC or PDF format only and provide an answer to the following questions in your cover letter:

1. Why do you feel this position is right for you?

2. Why do you feel we should give you an opportunity to apply to this position?

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being expert, how would you scale your overall programming knowledge and understanding?

4. If you only worked a minimum of 20/hrs a week for EO, what would be your preferred working schedule?

5. Based on your answer to question #3, what is your salary requirement?

Please note that resumes that do not adhere to the requirements or provide answers to the five questions outlined above will not be reviewed.