UVisor Internship/Job Opportunities

Contact: Mr. Bryan J. Jakovcic at bryan.jakovcic@uvisor.com

Internship Description:

Several openings are currently available in the Fall 2008 semester for students to join a preexisting team currently developing a new web based service that utilizes algorithmic expressions to perfectly match students with employers. Students will largely work in a virtual workspace to collaborate with fellow team members, creating vital aspects and features to a service which is currently being praised by major media publications.

Intern Objectives:

To facilitate an environment and aid in the creative and professional development of students' skills pertaining to web design and code development.

Interns will operate in distinct teams where they will be challenged utilizing the empowerment philosophy of management. This philosophy puts the interns in a position to make decisions and fully exercise their capabilities which lead to a fuller understanding and development of their trade. In addition, students will also be able to tie their development skills to other key aspects of business such as Finance, Marketing and Management. Uvisor's internship brings everything together, creating a real-world environment and experience, rather than internships where time is spent as the 'coffee runner'.

Compensation: Financial compensation is not being offered however, Uvisor will help you petition the school in applying work done toward credit hours. Any out of pocket expenses will be covered by Uvisor.

Skills: PHP, C++, MSQL, AJAX, Java, Javascript, CSS, HTML

Location: Largely a virtual based internship which helps students further their self motivation, time management and team building skills. As technology continues to progress, the virtual office is becoming more commonplace. An online preliminary application can be filled out at: http://www.uvisor.com/internapply.htm

If you are interested in the position, or would like further information pertaining to this or other internship opportunities at Uvisor, please contact:

Bryan Jakovcic

Uvisor Corporation