Department of Computer Science

Graduate Programs in Computer Science

Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Xiang Fu home email

The graduate programs offered by the Department of Computer develop independent thinkers who can provide leadership in the computing industry or academia, with deep insights in the fundamentals of computer science, a broad perspective in the established and emerging fields of computing, and expertise in fields of their choice.

The program provides flexible course delivery methods to meet the diverse needs of students. Students can complete degree requirements all on-site, or all online, or using a hybrid learning approach. Distance Learning (DL) courses are offered in seven-week rotations, in addition to regular graduate courses that allow face-to-face interaction. Each DL class is equivalent to its face-to-face version.

The department also offers a graduate certificate program that trains expert health information technology practitioners. The program places particular emphasis on the security and privacy aspects of health-related information storage and retrieval, communication, analysis, and dissemination.