Who says NO to free travel and lodging, especially when IBM pays?

This could be a really cool opportunity, especially if you’re already doing a Senior Design project that involves A.I.  or anything involving (Amazon Alex, Google’s AIY, Natural Language Processing or Information Retrieval).


The Cognitive Computing Odyssey
Fall 2017 // Presented by Uncubed & IBM

Note: Travel & lodging are fully covered for accepted students.

Cognitive computing unites fields like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, & natural language processing to "think" about data more like a human than a computer.

It treats cancer patients, personalizes education, predicts financial markets and the weather, helps governments make decisions, and rethinks retail.

This Fall, students from across the country will meet in San Francisco, Boston, Austin, and Toronto - travel & lodging fully covered - to explore the technologies, future, applications, and jobs of AI as part of 
The Cognitive Computing Odyssey.

Participation is through application process, and jobs are available in back-end, server, cloud, firmware, front-end, full-stack, cognitive, automation testing, and client-facing solutions development.

APPLY & LEARN MORE HERE: uncubed.com/ibm



Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Department of Computer Science

Hofstra University