Facebook developers conferences: Scholarships

This is especially relevant to those taking the Codepath course this semester.

--Dr Krish

Message follows:

May 1-2, 2018 F8

I am excited to announce that I have several spots/scholarships available to high potential students who have taken the CodePath Facebook course or those who are going to be taking it.

This would be a huge opportunity for an individual.

Who should apply?
• Successfully Taken the CP Course or planning to take it
• Professor highly recommends you because you have excelled 
• CodePath highly recommends you because you have excelled
• Facebook highly recommends you because you have excelled

What would be covered?
Conference fees, hotel and flight

This is a chance to be part of something huge. It is a technical community with two full days of sessions, workshops and product demos. It is going to be bigger and better than ever. This is an opportunity to learn about new products and get 1:1 time with product experts.

This is geared toward technical roles and backgrounds.

Deadline is a firm 12/27 and if you are chosen you need to fill out a form by 12/30!

If you are interested please email infosecpartnership@fb.com with the following:

Date of graduation
Have you taken the course?
Have you been on a travel Facebook scholarship and if so explain?
Can you attend during the full time?
What would this mean to you?
School email
Personal email
Attach any referrals from CP, FB or Professor.