Additional Natural Science Course

Students majoring in Computer Science (B.A./B.S.) or Computer Science & Cybersecurity (B.S.) are required to complete:

  • a two-semester sequence of lab-based science courses (PHYS/CHEM/BIO), plus
  • an additional natural science course.

Select the additional natural science course from the following list:


PHYS Courses:

  • PHYS 1A
  • PHYS 2A
  • PHYS 11A
  • PHYS 12A
  • PHYS 102
  • PHYS 118A
  • PHYS 135


CHEM Courses:

  • CHEM 3A
  • CHEM 4A
  • CHEM 105

BIO Courses:

  • BIO 3
  • BIO 11
  • BIO 12




GEOL 001


Course that are not listed above (such as ASTR courses) should not be chosen for this requirement. If you’ve registered for an ASTR or other science course for the Fall 2018 semester to satisfy this requirement, please drop that course and select one from the list above. 


Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Department of Computer Science

Hofstra University