Elective to consider: Text Mining (aka Information Retrieval)

How does web search (Google) work?

How do you detect if someone copied your work and sold it off as their own?

How do you automatically categorize documents by topic?

Is there a program that automatically summarizes essays?


If these are questions you’d like answers to, you should sign up, right away, for CSC 143U. Grad students it is CSC 291V for you.


The course covers techniques used in text retrieval and text analysis applications such as search engines, text categorization and clustering, topic extraction, summarization, sentiment analysis. Topics include: natural language processing techniques for extracting relevant terms out of text data, vector space and probabilistic methods for computing similarity between documents, document ranking, clustering and classification methods for text analysis.



Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Department of Computer Science

Hofstra University