ALEKS, your math friend

Dear Students,

Have you heard of ALEKS? Here's a blurb from their site: ALEKS is an adaptive, online math program that uses artificial intelligence and open-response questioning to identify precisely what each student knows and doesn't know. Through truly individualized learning and assessment, ALEKS delivers a personalized learning path on the exact topics each student is most ready to learn.

Hofstra uses ALEKS to prepare students for precalc and calc I. Below is an update from the professors who are administering ALEKS. Note this: Two of the four "houses" that Hofstra has created (similar to the houses in the Harry Potter books) are named after Computer Scientists! (Grace Murray) Hopper House and (Edsger) Dijkstra House

Dear students,

If you did not hear yet about ALEKS test for the math placement, check information on the BlackBoard site “Summer Math Academy”.

If you did check the BlackBoard and heard of SEAS Houses, you may check announcement sent last week to your newly established Hofstra emails.

Here is the most recent update on the state of SEAS Houses. 

The first four members of freshmen cohort completed their ALEKS  test and became the first members of Roebling House, Dijkstra House, Hopper House and Jackson House, respectively.

Congratulation to these students, because they are coming down to history of SEAS at Hofstra!

Complete your own ALEKS test and become a member of one of 4 Houses: learn which one!

Second update: one of four students who completed the ALEKS test already spent more than 34 hours in practice module of ALEKS, and targeting to improve the ALEKS score by 44(!) points from Initial knowledge test.

Remember that as soon as you complete your ALEKS test, you will enter one of 4 SEAS Houses. You can learn the name of your House from BlackBoard grading center, in column called 'Houses'. You may start checking who of your classmates belong to your House, and the competition between Houses will begin.

We will be updating you with the results of House competition on the BlackBoard, and also on Slack platform of your phones.

Stay tuned!

Summer Academy co-directors

Prof. Gillian Elston

Prof. Kira Adaricheva

Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Computer Science

Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549