Summer and Fall Openings for graduate and undergraduate students

Multiple opportunities for summer (up to 30 hrs/week) and fall (up 20 hrs/week) in the Law School I.T. Department. Undergrads $10/hr and up, graduate students $12/hr and up. Apply ASAP.


I was recently referred to you by Courtney Selby in regards to finding students to start work in our IT department. If you know of any students that may be interested, I have many opportunities that will become available and need to filled as soon as possible. Students need to be enrolled at least half time and graduating December 2018 or later. Undergraduate, Graduate, and International students can apply for this position. Please ask they send their Cover Letter and Resume to me if they are interested. The position is a Tier 1 I.T. support role and all students can work up to 30 hours during the summer. Undergraduate students start at $10.00 per hour and Graduate students start at $12.00. Salary can be discussed if students have prior experience in IT and\or Customer Service. The following are the links to the posted job descriptions:







Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Department of Computer Science

Hofstra University