Fundamentals of Cybersecurity--CSC 015S section now open (Repost)

Dear Students,


The department has opened a second section of CSC 015S--Fundamentals of Cybersecurity. Although CSC 015S (a 1-credit course) is only required of students majoring in Cybersecurity, it is strongly recommended for students in all majors in the CSC department (and beyond). Here is the bulletin description:


Introduction to fundamental concepts of cybersecurity, related policies and laws, basic secure design principles. The lab component covers basic Linux administration skills such as OS installation, user account management, vim editor, basic UNIX commands interface, access controls, file system backup/restoration and deployments of intrusion detection systems.


The knowledge and skills covered in this course are expected of anyone graduating with a degree in computer science/information technology.


The course has no prerequisites. Freshmen welcome! It is not the same as CSC 015.  It meets 1 hour per week, Fridays at 3PM. It does not count as a CSC elective for non-cybersecurity majors.


--Dr Krish


PS: Did I mention it is strongly recommended for everyone?


Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Department of Computer Science

Hofstra University