Cybersecurity job opening

Position Description:


The candidate will be a member of the Application Security Assessment (ASA) Team under Global Cyber Security & Fraud at First Data. Responsibilities will include software security and vulnerability identification/remediation related to the web applications, APIs, and systems. Other responsibilities include automating processes, leading vulnerability assessments, and conducting manual penetration testing against web-based applications, web services, and thick client applications. Candidate must be comfortable speaking to how they will go about identifying and remediating vulnerabilities in the OWASP Top 10. (Injection, XSS, Insecure Direct Object Reference, etc.)




·         Bachelor’s Degree in Information Security, Computer Science, I.T., I.S., Engineering, Data Analytics or equivalent.


Ideal Candidate Background:


·         Hands on experience in leading vulnerability assessments through executing dynamic and static application security testing against applications and infrastructure.

·         Experience in manual retesting of application and infrastructure vulnerabilities is required.

·         Proficient in technical security consulting, ready and able to lead discussions summarizing steps to reproduce vulnerabilities, the inherent severity/risk, and provide remediation consultation.

·         Experience in static code vulnerability analysis using Checkmarx, Fortify SCA, and/or IBM Source. Capable working knowledge of C/C++, .NET, Java, HTML, etc.

·         Certifications (SANS GIAC, CISSP, CompTIA Security+, Cisco, etc.)

·         Knowledge of scripting tools to automate testing and reporting, such as Python, Excel Macros, etc.

·         Deep analytical skills, strong out-of-the-box thinking.

·         Ability to effectively perform detailed-oriented technical information security work on a full-time basis.

·         Excel independently in a fast-paced environment.

·         Effective oral and written communication skills.



Neil Schloth

Manager, Application Security Team

Unified Vulnerability Mangement Services (UVMS)

Global Cyber Security & Fraud (GCSF)

First Data 101 Hudson Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302

O: (551) 256-3174 | M(516) 765-0707  | 

Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Computer Science

Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549