Google accepting internship applications

Aman Luthra tells me that Google’s now accepting internship applications. They’re “first come first served”, so …


Just a heads up! The Software Engineering Internship Application (Junior Internship) and the Engineering Practicum Internship Application (Freshman/Sophomore Internship) just went live today. Please let any of your students know who would be interested.


EP Link:!t=jo&jid=/google/engineering-practicum-intern-summer-2019-1600-amphitheatre-pkwy-mountain-view-ca-4271710018&


SWE Link:!t=jo&jid=/google/software-engineering-intern-bs-summer-1600-amphitheatre-pkwy-mountain-view-ca-4223760082&


Thank you so much!



Aman Luthra



Thanks, Aman!



--Dr Krish


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