"How I got hired at YouTube"

Recent graduate Dakshal Shah got hired at YouTube this month. I’d asked him for a synopsis of the interview/hiring process and this is what he sent me:

So, it all started a month ago. I had applied through their careers page, and after several attempts I got an email regarding their programming challenge. It had one medium difficulty and one hard difficulty level problem, needed to be solved in 90 mins.


After solving them successfully, I got an email regarding the next step which was a telephone interview. After the telephone interview, I was approached by recruiter for the next step which was the on-site interviews. The Onsite interview consist of 5 individual interviews at YouTube's office: 4 regular interviews and 1 lunch interview.


After that my recruiter told me that their responses are positive and then she gave referred me to 2 managers. So I had 2 more interviews with managers about team fit. After completing all of these, my whole package went to the hiring committee and then to another committee. After their positive response, it went to one more committee to decide my offer package and other stuff.


This is the gist of the interview process. After my telephonic interview one of my friends wrote a reference letter for Google and during my Onsite interview one of my relatives wrote a second one. And after interviews with the manager, he also provided me a statement of support. All of these references were very helpful during the interview process and getting selected.


He added: And also let me know if any student needs any kind of guidance, help or referral in the application process. I will be more than happy to help them.

Edited for clarity.


Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Department of Computer Science

Hofstra University