Travel scholarship from Facebook

Here's another travel scholarship available by Facebook. All travel expenses will be covered by FB.

Travel details are listed below (including a one day stay at FB CA center!)

All students who have taken, or currently enrolled in or plan to take CSC143V (cybersec for everyone)/CSC007 will be eligible to apply. If there are more applicants than slots available, decision will be based on academicperformance (your 143v/007 performance, GPA etc.) and other applicable merit based criteria.

*********** Detailed Travel Plan **************

1/26/19 sat travel 
1/27/19 sun FB mixer 
1/28 -1/30 Enigma 
1/31 /19 FB day and travel

*************** USENIX ENIGMA Info **************

If you are interested, please follow the steps below to apply:

(1) Submit a simple application form here:

(2) Drop Dr. Xiang Fu an email (say that you've applied).

If you have any questions regarding the trip please contact Zachary Taylor for questions (TPM at Facebook) []. Or contact Dr. Xiang Fu.

Note: FB is assuming that you depart from NY (they will not handle international travel/visa issues).

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