Seniors with major in Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mgmt, Engg/CS

If you're interested in a graduate degree in Technology Management (free ride highly likely), read this:

Dear Krishnan,
I’m writing in the hopes that you will share this email with your students who may be interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Organization Studies in the Technology Management Program (TMP) at University of California, Santa Barbara.  As you may know, we launched our Ph.D. program two years ago and we have had great luck admitting some amazing students.
Our program:
  • Integrates organizational studies with technology and innovation studies in an interdisciplinary environment
  • Is methodologically and substantively diverse
  • Aims to produce a cadre of scholars who can address thorny problems concerning the impact of technology on work and society, the management of technical and scientific personnel, and the sociological and psychological dynamics of innovation
We are looking for promising students who:
  • Have an interest in technology and work, technology’s implications for society, innovation, and the management of engineers and scientists
  • Come from a range of backgrounds including all of the social sciences, management, and engineering
  • Wish to pursue ethnography, survey research, big data analysis and experimental research
  • Can take advantage of UCSB’s interdisciplinary culture to construct their program in ways that suit their interests and abilities
We currently have a distinguished faculty including Ted Frech, Gary Hansen, Paul Leonardi, Kyle Lewis, Renee Rottner, Matt Beane, Bob York and myself (  We are also in the process of hiring two new faculty members to augment our bench.  
If you have undergraduate or master’s students whose interests trend in the directions that I have outlined and who wish to pursue (or whom you think should pursue) a doctorate in these areas based on their interests, please direct them toward our program.  You can find information of TMP’s doctoral program at:   A broader view of our program can be found at  
We are very interested in recruiting a body of diverse Ph.D. students.
I would be happy to correspond with students who are interested in our program.  I am also available to answer any questions you may have.  I hope you will share this email with your colleagues who might also know of students who would fit our Ph.D. program.
Our deadline for applications is December 31, 2018. 

Stephen R. Barley
Christian A. Felipe Professor of Technology Management
Director of the Ph.D. Program
Technology Management Program
College of Engineering
1320 Phelps Hall
Santa Barbara CA

Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Computer Science

Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549