Facebook conference scholarship

Dear all,

Facebook Cybersec Program will be supporting students and faculty members for attending the Facebook Developer (F8) Conference in April.
If you have taken CSC007/143V (cybersec for everyone) or are an enrolled student of CSC143V/007 in Spring 2019. You are eligible to apply!

Please use the following link to register anddrop Dr. Xiang Fu (Xiang.Fu@hofstra.edu) an email - indicating (your name and if you are apast or current taker of 007/143v - we'll need this info to place applicants in different pools for consideration, based on academic performance in 007/143v and other merit based criteria).

Please notice that the deadline for application is Jan 20, 2019.

Detailed information can be found below:

We are very excited to announce that Facebook will be offering scholarships to this year’s FacebookDeveloper Conference, F8! The conference will be held April 30th - May 1, 2019 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

All scholarship winners are chosen based on course performance, feedback from university or program, and Facebook. Winners will receive round trip domestic flight for the conference, lodging, and limited ground transportation.

To be eligible for the scholarship and remain as a scholarship recipient, you MUST:

1. Submit your form by January 20th, 2019. (Any applications past 1/20/19 may not be considered)
2. Be either of the following:
1. Currently attending the Facebook CodePath Cybersecurity Course, or will be for spring 2019.
2. A course alumni who successfully completed the course.
3. Remain, and be in good standing in the course.
4. Be able to commit to attending the conference in full.
5. Join the facebook group that we create for this trip if selected, and be attentive to announcements and follow instructions.
6. Be okay with one or two roommates.
7. Understand if selected, you cannot bring a guest.
8. Understand that you will NOT be covered for extended stay. (Facebook will cover domestic travel only and will attempt to have flights from closest airport if possible and feasible)
9. Understand that you are responsible for errors made on your part, this includes any expenses incurred in correcting the mistake.
10. Understand that Facebook has the right to revoke the scholarship at Facebook’s discretion.

To apply, please fill out the following form:


Please feel free to respond to this thread and tag me with questions.

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