Graphics design internship

The winner of the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Community Challenge and Digital Remedy Venture Challenge, Elnaz Sarabchian, is looking for an intern for school credit to assist with graphic design and content creation. The company, MedAux, is a customized text-based system integrated into Electronic Health Records that offers hospitals and doctor offices the ability to ensure patients are adhering to instructions.  Here are more details:


The intern will work on various brand identity and UX design tasks, such as video production and editing, copywriting, and web design. Skills they are looking for include:  

* Experience in graphic design and video editing

* Experience in web design and UX

* Knowledge of HTML/CSS and _javascript_ is beneficial

* Experience in copywriting and brand identity development is a big bonus

* Hard worker and self-starter


They would like to offer this internship for school credit and the internship location is the ideaHUb.


If interested, contact the Executive Dean of Executive Dean of Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Ms. Stacey Sikes:



Krishnan Pillaipakkamnatt

Professor, Chair

Department of Computer Science

Hofstra University